Mission Letters

Week 29 – The Full Week

Hola everyone,

As you can read in the title, this week was the full week. 
Monday was P-day. Really normal, nothing really to say. Although the piano stopped working, so I couldn’t play anything that day. We watched movies, played pingpong and wrote. Our District Leader came down from El Colorado to pass P-day with us.
Tuesday El Colorado helped us prepare the pension for a full move. On the 1st of July, San Martin no longer had missionaries there. Tuesday we put the closet doors back on. They were in the church. I also had some fun sanding down the walls, pulling off paint bubbles. Then I filled those holes with this weird cement. After we finished working we went and got some really good empanadas. 
Wednesday, the El Colorado Elders left at 6:20 in the morning. We worked that morning, finding a teaching. In the tarde, we visited Menos Activos. I cut my fingers with my new agenda though. Kind of hurt in the moment. Agenda cuts . . . We took some photos with the family we visited. I then cut my hair, because it was way to long. We also went and got some more empanadas. Although this time I got 3 of each kind. 3 pollo, 3 carne and 3 jamon y queso. Really good!
Thursday we stayed in the pension, and cleaned some more. There was still a bit left to clean, even after getting help from El Colorado. Sadly, we didnt leave the pension that day.
Friday though . . . best day! Hermana Sandoval in San Martin taught me how to make churros!!! So good! I also got to play with some slime. Her granddaughter had made some, and shared it with us. We had some fun playing with it. Afterwards, El Colorado came back, again, to help clean the baptizmal font and do a baptizimal interview for one of our investigators. Lautaro is 9 years old and his Dad is baptized. His grandma, uncle and cousin are also baptized. He wanted to get baptized as well. So, we got the font ready and our District Leader ready for a baptizimal interview!
Saturday was the day for Lautaro to have his interview. He had it, and he was able to get baptized. We also had an activity after the interview. Sadly, all that came, came late and left early. Kind of weird how that happens. That same day though, Elder Richey noticed something on the back of my head. Well, a lack of something. I had a hole in my head. I was kind of sad, and still am actually. But it doesnt matter.
Sunday, we got everything ready for church, had 17 people show up, again. Then the second hour of church, we had Lautaro’s baptizm. It was really cool. I was lucky enough to be asked to confirm him. It was a great experience. After the baptizm we took photos with all the members that were there and said our last farewells. Then out of the blue, Hermana Sandoval sent us some arroz con leche. Really good! Apparently it is really simple. Just boil two parts of milk and add 1 part rice. Let it sit and add the toppings you want. Really good! We then had a lunch with Hermano Martinez. He lives on the complete other side of the city. It took us 45 minutes to get there. We ate then came back. I took some photos of places that I liked of San Martin. There is the Empanada House. The Plaza. Distribuidora Norte (alfajores! in a box!). Awesome houses that I found here. I took all those pictures on the way back to the pension. We then PACKED, and PACKED, AND PACKED SOME MORE! So much fun!
So yeah, that was this week. Sadly, you will have to wait until next week to find out why I am writing on a tuesday and not a monday. (haha)
These last 8 weeks have really shown me how important the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in our lives. If we didnt have it, then who and what would we be now. I know that Christ lives. He loves us. Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and his Only Begotten Son. He heard there voices. He just needed to ask so he could hear.
I invite you to ask God, any question, and I promise you that he will answer.
I love you guys.
Thank you for your support.
See you soon! (One and a half years flies by really fast!)
-Elder Whitchurch

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