Mission Letters

Week 28

Hey Everyone!

This week was a full week!
Monday was Transfers! Both Elder Vilela and I are staying here in San Martin. Why, you ask? Well, July 2nd, the missionaries will be pulled out of San Martin. O sea, no missionaries will be living here. I believe a set of missionaries that are near will be coming to San Martin, but they will be here for a day or two per week. That is IF they will be coming. Pretty sad though. So yeah, we worked Monday. Found some people with good potencial. 
Tuesday, we had a pretty boring P-day . . . movies, made food in the pension, we even worked in the evening because our District Leader was in Resistencia still. Nothing really to say about Tuesday.
Wednesday was a strange day. We found a bunch of people that were amazing. But I also saw some things that were interesting. For example. I saw a Ford Mustang GT and an older Corvette! So crazy how I saw those here in San Martin. I also saw a teenager with a style of pants I have only heard of from my Sister. The kid had pants on, with the left leg cut off. O sea, one leg was shorts and the other leg was pants. Kind of crazy. But yeah, other than those two things, the day was normal.
Thursday we talked to a jehovah witness, for one and a half hours. Yeah, we talked about the Bible. A LOT. I kind of felt sad at the end of the charla, because after talking to us for so long, listening to us, he still did not accept our message. I see why we need to just clap one more house before going home, to find that person who really needs this message. 
Friday was a really busy day. We walked a lot and talked a lot. We also had the owner of the pension stop by. She need to check on the pension to see if there were things that we need to fix. Yeah, we needed to clean the entire pension, paint it, fix the doors that who knows who broke them, and yeah. But we are cheerful, happy, and willing to fix anything that past missionaries have lived with.
Saturday was a sad day. We had all of these set meetings and all of them fell. We contacted the morning because all of them fell and no one was willing to listen. That evening we had an activity with two older members and a bunch of little girls. It was kind of crazy. But they left early and we were alone to clean everything. Then we had to go check prices for paint and supplies. We didn’t really have a productive day.
Sunday, we had an outstanding assistance. 17 people in total came to church. Yes, most of them were little girls, but still! 2 last week and now 17 this week! I am so happy! Then our District Leader and his Companion came down to have District Meeting today. So cool!
That was this week.
I know that this is Christ’s church. I see so many good people here that need to have this gospel in their lives. Sometimes it just breaks my heart to see them reject this message, and continue to live the lives they have. I wish they would just accept it, but they have agency. So we just invite. Invite, invite, invite. That is what Christ did when he saw the fishermen in their boats. He invited them to come and follow him. 
This is Christ’s church. He loves us. He loves us
Love you guys, have a fantastic week
-Elder Whitchurch

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