Mission Letters

Week 26

Hello everyone!
How are you all? I won’t get your responce but I hope you are all a okay!
This week was another buzy buzy buzy week!

We started Monday in Resistencia. We slept over Sunday night in Puerto Vilelas. We had a pretty chill P-day, but sadly it ended early at 1:30. We went to the offices at 1:35, changed, and got ready to travel. Then I went with half of my group to the terminal and took the 6 hour bus to Posada, AGAIN! This time we got there, went to a new pension with Elder Martin and his new companion. We ordered a Hamburpizza. Yeah, pizza on the bottom and top, with hamburger patty’s in the middle. REALLY good! We slept full that night.

We then woke up the next morning (tuesday) at 5:30 and three of the five of us took showers. Oh wait, not any kind of shower. We boiled water, brought it into the bathroom and used a plastic cup to pore hot water on ourselves. The best shower, so good! (That was sarcastic, but you get the picture) Fun experience though. After that we went and actually did our tramites! Like we actually did them. Now we just have to wait like 6 months to actually get our physical cards. I also bought some Starbursts that I found there. After finishing everything up we went to the terminal to catch our bus. It was going to arrive in one and a half hours so we went to a nearby . . . mall? It was a really big store with seperate little shops. Hard to explain. We spent an hour there and went back to the terminal. We took our bus and luckily on the bus they played some movies, so we weren’t 100% bored. Sad thing is that the first movie was The 17:15 Paris. Just look it up and you will get the picture of what we saw. I plugged my ears and closed my eyes for a good part of the movie. After that movie, another one put on. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I watched about an hour and an Hermana in my group told me to sleep. I was still a bit sick so she had a good point. I slept. Then woke up in Resistencia. We got there at 11ish at night and took remises to pensions. 

The next morning (wednesday) we showered and got ready for divisions in Puerto Vilelas. Elder Bradshaw and I worked that morning. We worked until I physically got really tired. We took a quick brake and headed back to the pension. We went to the store and bought some noodles and other things to make some white sauce pasta. It was actually pretty good! We then had interviews that tarde and it actually took a while to finish up. After interviews we went back to the pensions we were staying in.

Thursday was Multizona. Nothing really to say. Just after the amazing Multizona our District took a bus back to San Martin and stayed the night. 

Friday morning Elder Richey and Elder Smith went back to their area and we worked. We got a lot of new that day though. We just contacted contacted and contacted some more. So crazy!

Saturday was my favorite day though. We cleaned all day. We cleaned the pension. I was just done with the pension. I couldn’t really feel the spirit in the pension and I remembered that the spirit can only be in places that are clean. So I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen and almost all of the floors. I have never seen so much mold and dust and grease in one place. I am so grateful my Mother taught me how to clean! SO GRATEFUL! After cleaning so much, I was super tired so I rested some. After resting we went to the Medico. I was still feeling really bad so we went there and the Doctor told me to buy two more things. We could only find one medicine, sadly. But, so far that medicine has really helped. I am feeling so much better. Then the Branch President from Resistencia got there and we had to go and help them in the Church building.
Sunday we had 7 people in church. 2 Missionaries, President Rico, his wife and three Members. Everyone that came were well over 60 years old. So Elder Vilela and I were the only “young ones” there. We put some diezmos in to the system after the meetings. Then Elder Vilela got a call from a member in Resistencia. Apparently he messed up with a donation a while back so we were in the church longer than expected. Actually, we even had to go back after our siesta studies. After finally finishing up the problem, we had to quickly take a bus to Resistencia. We got there at 10ish and took a remis to Barrio 3 to sleep the night. 
So crazy how this week is done already. I always say that time flies, but it is so true! It is scary but true! My time is already coming to a close. In three days I will offically be out on my mission for 6 months. A fourth of my mission will be over. It is just another slap in the face telling me that my time is precious. I dont have much time left here, but I do at the same time.

Anyway . . . I love you all. I hope you all have a wonderful day today and the next and the one after that! How about you all have a wonderful week. And if you dont, well . . . say a prayer, ask for help, open the scriptures and read. You’ll find something in The Book of Mormon that will help you! 

Love ya!-Elder Whitchurch

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2) Elder Martin from Posados

3) My pension in Posados

4) I found Starbursts!!!

5) Puerto Vilelas

 6) Hamburpizza in Posados  

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