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Week 24 – over and done with!

Week 24 is over and done with!

And oh boy was this week a tiring week.
We start off my week in Resistencia. The Sunday before we traveled from San Martin to Resistencia. We stayed the night with Barrio 3 and woke up the next morning with Barrio 3. Imagine that?! We spent P-day with them. It was pretty cool! 
Tuesday morning I dropped off Elder Vilela (my companion) at the terminal. We meet Elder Tapia and his companion there (I dont know his name. Lets say Elder ___). Elder Vilela and Elder ___ took a bus back to Elder ___’s area. Elder Tapia and I went back to Barrio 3 and did divisions with them. It was pretty cool. At 12:30, we left Barrio 3 and went to the Terminal. We took a bus with half of my group to Posadas. On our way there we passed Corrientes, and even stopped at a Terminal in my old area, Maipu. The 6 hour trip was long and tiring but we made it. We met some Elders at the Terminal and got split up. Elder Tapia, Elder Hurley and I went with the Posadas Mission Elders. We got some food before going to there pension. Then, out of the blue, Elder Martin got a call. He told us we were going back to Resistencia at 6 in the morning. We weren´t going to do our Tramites. 
We woke up at 4 in the morning Wednesday morning and all showered. We picked up the Hermanas and took a bus back to Resistencia. We got there at 12ish and got some food. Then we went to a government place to do some papers. Apperently the papers that we did at the begining of our mission expired. We had to do them again. After that I met up with Elder Vilela again and took a bus back to San Martin. I was physically dead so we didnt work that tarde.
Thursday was another crazy day. The morning was spent in the church building. Elder Vilela had do fix some MLS stuff. I really didnt understand but yeah. In the tarde, our Zone Leaders came and worked with us. We found some good people. We finished the day by sleeping at 9:48.
Friday . . . nothing much to say. We contacted the entire day so . . . yeah.
Saturday we contacted in the morning. Got a free pie because I picked up a sign that blew over. That was pretty cool! In the tarde Elder Vilela had to work, again! on the MLS problem. I am kind of tired of that problem! and I dont even know what it is! Then, that night, we had english Class. yeah . . . . . . . I am teaching english.
Sunday we had 7 people come to church, one investigator!!! so happy for that! That tarde we went out and worked a bit but then our District Leader came. We worked a bit but then a Brother in Resistencia told us to go to the church and try to fix the MLS problem again. yeah . . . 
So yeah! That was this week!
I just want to share something real quick. During a Multizona (missionary conference I guess) I had an interesting experience. The companion I was with was . . . an interesting companion. It was a struggle. Fun how the Lord has crazy amazing plans for you. Anyway, I just had this one question. “Why am I with this Elder”. I wanted to know why. So, during the multizona the Mission President started to talk about light, and what kind of light we are. Are we going to shine like a star, a moon or a sun. He invited us to check within ourselves and see what kind of light we are shining. I am not going to tell you what I thought, because . . . I am not going to. He then said “make sure you are the brightest while in the dark. Sometime the Lord tests us and puts us in the dark to see what kind of light we are.” That answered my question. The lord put me with the companion I had to see what kind of light I had. I was in the dark. I dont really want to explain, but I was in a very interesting situation. But at the end of the transfer and I said bye to that companion, I saw what light I was. My testimony was strenghtened because of this. God answered my prayer through my mission President. I cares about me and he cares about you. He will answer you. You just need to ask.
Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week!
Love you all!
-Elder Whitchurch
1) overnight stay in Resistencia 
2) ME!
3) Elders in Posadas
4) Elder Vilela and I in San Martin (my new area)
5) profile pic
6) Half my group going to Pasados by bus. 

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