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Week 23 – WOW

Well . . . I have been out on the mission for 5 months now.

WOW, how does time fly! I can still remember that day when I walked into the airport to leave Costa Rica and head to the Buenos Aires MTC. It feels like ages ago. I feel different and more experienced than I did then, but that is the mission for you!
Well, this week started off with me in Resistencia. The Sunday night before we traveled from San Martin to Resistencia. So crazy! We stayed the night with the Puerto Vilelas Elders. We had fun that night and fun the next day. We ate some pizza at their Shopping and I sadly was not able to write that Monday. We had out Zone Meeting and then we slept over again.

Tuesday morning we woke up, got ready and headed to the office. We had to finish some fun stuff their at the office. Afterwards we went to the Terminal to take a 2 hour bus to San Martin. Our bus left at 1 and we got there at 11. Yeah . . . fun waiting. When we finially got to San Martin, we were tired and sore. We worked that tarde but came home earily because we were both tired and sore and that didnt work so well for us.

Wednesday we had a very uneventful day. Elder Vilela had to do some Rama stuff, the entire morning because he had some technical difficulties. So CRAZY!!! We worked the tarde as well, talked so some normal contacts. 
Thursday we did divitions with our District Leader. I went out with his companion, Elder Smith (not my trainer, the other Elder Smith) and we contacted the entire morning. We tried to find some old investigators. Found some, but they were busy. That siesta I made some amazing meat. It was an amazing sauce. Only problem was that there was more noodle than sauce. WAY more noodle than sauce. So the amazing flavor was overpowered by noodles. That tarde Elder Richey (District Leader) and I contacted and taught some lessons. On our way home we went to the Church and found Elder Smith and my companion there. We both had to have a bathroom break. Since it was 8:45 we decided to head back to the pension, but Elder Richey wanted to buy a box of Alfajors. He saw my box and wanted one too. We went and got one for him. He was WAY happy! On the way home I got some Gridos. It is litterally the best Ice Cream I have had since Utah. So much better than Pops in Costa Rica, and so much cheeper. The Sundae I got was just 80 pesos. Like 2 bucks! (ish) I ate that cold deliciousness on my bed in my moose PJ’s

Firday Elder Smith and Elder Richey left earily at 6:00. Elder Vilela pulled out frozen gummies and shared with me. They were kinda gross. We worked that day like a normal day. Nothing really to comment, other than we had to do some more Rama stuff.

Saturday morning we decided to unplug our fridge and let it to cool off. O sea, unfreeze. Our freezer was 100% frozen so it needed to melt. We left some towels and blankets on the floor when we left the pension to work. When we came back the floor was a bit wet, but other than that fine! That night we had a Rama activity. We watched The Best 2 Years in Spanish. It was pretty good! We had some churros and hot chocolate during the movie. Afterwards we swept the entire church building and crashed on out beds.

Sunday we went to church in the morning. 9 people came, including us. I played piano and blessed the sacrament and gave a talk. Fun stuff! Tan bueno!  We came back to the pension and found something strange in the freezer! We had to help the new Rama President with a few things in the tarde and then we traveled to Resistencia. We stayed in Barrio 3 that night.

So yeah, that was this week! So much fun though! We had some fun moments. 

I really am grateful for this amazing time I have to be here. It is so crazy that 5 months have already gone by and I cant believe that it is ending so soon. (Soon is realtive)

I know that if you have faith, pure faith in Christ, anything is possible! I love him and I know he loves me, and all of you! Jesus Christ lives.

I love you all
-Elder Whitchurch

1) weekly profile pic
2) P-day Resistencia Zone Meeting 
3) gringo ice cream 
4) my companions frozen gummy worms
5) yummy meat and pasta that I made! 

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