Mission Letters

Week 25 – I really do!

I love this work! 

I really do!

The only problem is that I get sick so often!

Yeah . . . I got bronchitis . . . AGAIN.

I’m not to happy about it but . . . sometimes we have just got to roll with life. 

So this week was mostly spent in bed, asleep, reading, watching a few approved movies and . . . yeah. We did work a couple of times, but every time I worked I would get tired quick and I would have a lot of snot. Not fun teaching about Joseph Smith and the Resturation when you are coughing up snot. 

So yeah, that was this week. Yesterday, o sea, Sunday the 2nd we took a bus at 8:00pm to Resistencia again. We are going to be doing tramites, AGAIN!

Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

Remember, our Father in Heaven is there for us. If we ask with faith, we WILL receive.

Love you all!
-Elder Whitchurch
1) Me
2) Our church building. It’s really nice! 

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