Mission Letters

Week 22

So, here I am in San Martin!
So crazy how you can be in one place, working hard, having fun, and then be almost 3 hours away and still have fun & work hard.
I was transfered on the 6th of May to San Martin, which is in Chaco, with Elder Vilela. He is from Peru, and we have a lot in common. Dont ask me how, because it is hard to explain, but yeah! 
We had a very interesting week. Monday was transfers, so I took a bus out of my area (yes, I cried because I was leaving the place I was “born” in). It took 40ish minutes to arrive in Resistencia. Once I got there, I just talked with a bunch of missionaries. Hermana Butler and Hermana Neilson got the mission at the same time as I did. They are in my group, but not at the same time. They went to the Mexico MTC, 6 weeks there. I went to Buenos Aires, 3 weeks. Soooo, they left home 3 weeks before I did. Hermana Butler has basically been there for me. She has been the only Hermana in my Zone that actually talked to me. So fun! She really is great, and I am grateful for her help. But, once Elder Vilela go to Resistencia, I had to say good bye to her. I was kind of sad, but I know I’ll see them again. We traveled the 2 hours to San Martin and I unpacked my stuff. We worked a little bit that evening. Elder Vilela is the counsler for Rama San Martin, so he had some things to do. 
Tuesday was P-day. Here, we watch movies and write. That is basically it. Well, we do clean our apartment and make some purchases. (Like a box of Alfajors)
Wednesday was an interesting day as well. Actually the rest of the week was strange. We went back and forth from being missionaries to Branch Counsler. We were in one area contacting, then at a members house. Teaching a lesson to a contact, to the Church building to do Diezmos. We were all over the place this week. Then, on Sunday, at 8 we had to travel to Resistencia because we were going to have Zone Meeting the following day. 
So crazy how my life has changed. I cant believe that I am already 5 months out on my mission. Its almost over. its almost over . . . 
Well! Lets make the most of it huh?!
See ya next week!
-Elder Whitchurch

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