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Week 21 – I Can Breathe Now

Well. . . 

I can breathe now. 


This week is over and it was crazy!

Monday was my Zone Leaders last P-day in the mission. We all got together in the Hermanas building and brought ingredients to make some El Salvador food. SOOOO good! Sadly I didn’t get a good picture because the delicious food got eaten up so quickly! It was basically a hard circular tortilla, with bean or tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes, cheese, and eggs. It was SOOO good! Afterward, we had a Zone meeting. My companion said we didn’t have to bring clothing, because he said that we don’t have Zone or District meetings on the weeks that we have Multizonas (which we were going to have the next day). Soooo, we didn’t bring clothing because of that. Well, we actually had a Zone meeting, and we were in our P-day clothing. I learned that you should always bring clothing. We took some cool photos with all the zone.

Tuesday we had a Multizona. It was really good and really long. Before multizona, we met up at a street. We don’t know which way to spell it. Paisandu or Paysandu. haha. We got back to our area at 5ish.

Wednesday we worked normally, but I started some White Wash papers because I felt like our area was getting White Washed.

Thursday we did Divisiones with Armenia (District Leader). Elder Workman (My District Leader) came over and we literally walked Maipú area. Yeah. He wanted to get to know our area because he also felt like Maipú was getting White Washed.

Friday we worked and started packing. Saturday we said bye to some less active members, got locked out of our pension, had lunch with some active members,  worked and finished packing. 

Sunday we had a special meeting at 8:30, and took pictures with members. We also had our last Sunday lunch with the Gonzalez family. I was kind of sad when I left.

That was this week. So crazy that it went by so quick. Yesterday (Monday the 6th) was transfers, but I’ll tell you about that next week.

Love you all. I hope you keep on reading your scriptures. (haha)


-Elder Whitchurch

1-2) Video chatting with Elder Whitchurch (the session froze, so we tried a second computer). 
3) profile picture for week 21
4) locked out of the pension
5) public garbage can (look up)
6) my pension (top floor)
7) Maipú Building
8) Last P-day with Elder Roberts
9) Last meal with Familia Rodriguez 
10) Alfredo Gonzales 
11) Elder Dowdle, Workman, and Castro
12) Familia Benitez
13) Familia Rodriguez
14) Gonzales Family
15) Ivan!
16 – 18) Zone Meeting

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