Mission Letters

Week 20 – Week in a Nut Shell

Hello there everyone!

Just to let you all know, I am doing so much better. Once again, thank you all for the prayers. I am completely overwhelmed by how many have been helping me in that aspect. I truly am touched. Thank you.

This week, I started off with an okay P-day. We stayed in the church building all day. Movies, Prono Hamburgers (yeah, I hate the name too), talking, etc. 

Tuesday we had an amazing lunch with Presidente Benitez and found some good people. One guy we found had been taught for many years already. He told us everything he knew. Then he started to tell us about his son. He is a professional tenis player. Literally pro! He had so many trophys. So many. 

Wednesday, we worked a good day. found a couple of people to teach. 

Thursday I did divisiones with my District Leader, Elder Workman. We visited a whole bunch of people and enjoyed our time together. 

Friday was a normal working day, nothing to mention.

Saturday we went to a muddy area! So fun to get muddy, hehe. We also had a member lunch. They gave us dessert afterwards. So GOOD!

Sunday was a normal day. Not much to say. 

That was the week in a nut shell. Of course there was a lot more, but no way can I figure out the detailes. (hehe)

Love you all, thank you all, have fun all!

-Elder Whitchurch

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