Mission Letters

Week 18 – Feeling Better

Hola everyone!
This was another week that was strange. Monday, I bought a pillow. And I took the rest of my Medicine and Rested up the first four days of this week. Finally, on Friday, we got out of the pension and started working. 
First of all, I want to say thank you for all of the prayers. I feel them. They are helping so much!  (** Thank you from our family too! We could feel your prayers for him, as well as for us to continue to be brave and faithful. Thank you! We appreciate you!**)
So yeah, Friday we worked and found some really good people. I believe and have faith that they will progress. 

Saturday was not such a good day. We walked and got completely rejected. Saturday was rejection day. I have never been treated so . . . yeah. I am just sad that those sons and daughters of God are not wanting to listen. Hopefully, they are just not ready to listen and will listen later. Saturday was a really hard day. 
Then Sunday came around. We planned a whole bunch of visits and all of them fell through. So, we contacted. Because of that, we met three amazing people. We even were late to our amazing lunch because they were so great. After lunch, we went back to the pension and talked. Elder Castro and I have been having some small problems and we had to talk about them so we can work together. I like to compare us to a two-headed dog. We both have to walk the same way to actually move. We are doing better, but we still have some work to do. We left the pension and tried to bring an Investigator (Maria hehe) to church. She was washing laundry. She couldn’t come. 
My fellow siblings of our Heavenly Father, Christ lives. He is our big brother and wants us to return to our Father who is in Heaven. Keep on working for that eternal goal. It is hard but is always worth it.
I love you all. I hope you all have an amazing week. 
Oh, I caught a Pokemon by the way.
See ya,

-Elder Whitchurch
1) I love you in American Sign Language. 

2) New pillow

3) Feeling better! Thank you! 

4) My Pokémon

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