Mission Letters

Week 17 – Still Sick

** Prayers for Elijah would be greatly appreciated. He is having a tough time, as anyone would be with bronchitis, but add his unique circumstances, he could use all the help he can get. **Well, this week was a really interesting week once again.
We stayed in the pension all week.
Why, you might ask?
Well, I found out that I have Bronchitis.
Yay, hurrah! So happy for Elder Whitchurch right?
Hehe, that is completely sarcastic, okay! It was horrible and still is horrible. We did work once or twice though. And every single time we did, I got super tired super quick. It was not fun. I am taking medication so everything is okay. (I hope)
Right now Ive got a major head ache, so forgive the short email. 
Some of the photos are just . . . silly and that is because . . . when you are stuck in a pension for an entire week . . . you get silly. 
Love you all!
-Elder Whitchurch
1) medicine for bronchitis

 2) lung X-ray

3) Argentine peso

4 & 5) my eyes

6) llama

7 – 9) study time

10) Awesome sweater from Tucumán trip to get his visa. 

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