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Week 15 – Despicable Me

Another week has gone by. So crazy how that happens. 
Last week, week 14, on Thursday (I think he meant Monday)  Elder Sauballet came. We spent P-day in the Rama building. We watched a few movies. Mi Villano Favorito for example. It was pretty weird listening to the voice of Gru in spanish. You should listen to him, it is freaky.
Tuesday was pretty cool. We worked hard that day. We got to know a couple of contacts. We also passed by a members house. Her son is not baptized, so we are working with him.  Her “partner” was baptized, but was never confirmed. We had a good lesson with them.
Wednesday we contacted the morning and ate lunch in the pension. Then we tried to find a reference.  I was tyring to find a road and asked a man outside in his yard if he knew. He said he didnt because he recenty moved there. Four days he said. Then his daughter came out. She asked what we were looking for, we told her, but she also didnt know the road. We continued talking and she suddenly told her Dad to let us in. We walked in and sat down on the two extra seats there. We continued talking, explaining who were are and what we are doing in Argentina. Then, the Dad started to have a one on one conversation with Elder Sauballet. The daughter then started to talk to me. Her 3 year old son started to wine and cry, because he wanted out of the yard. The father took him and his plastic car out and to the plaza, leaving us alone with his daughter. She asked us some questions that I cant quite remember. We also asked questions and found out her name is Maria (I changed the name), she is 19 years old. She has a 3 year old and a baby that has down syndrome. The baby was really sweet. We continued having our conversation and her cousin shows up. She asks us the normal questions a stranger would ask us. Where are you from, what is your name, how old are you. That kind of stuff. Then . . .  Maria asked if we had a girlfriend. Elder Sauballet said yes, before the mission but that one ended. I said no, because I never really wanted one. I said for my entire life I wanted to serve a mission and I new that having a serious relationship would not help. We continued talking and then they said that I was “hermoso” and “lindo“. I blushed some. They noticed and said (translated) “It looks like a lot of girls here in Corrientes like you.” I didnt know my face could get even redder than it was in that moment. They kept on talking about that stuff and  Maria said to her cousin, “Why dont we take him to the “jugueteria“. Hehehe . . . I dont think they were talking about the normal kid toystore. They also said that after we were done with our two years, we should come back and marry the two of them. We did our best to kindly end the conversation and we stood up to leave. Elder Sauballet shook the cousins hand and I shook her hand afterward. I look to my right to see  Maria really close to Elder Sauballet, but shaking his hand. I shook her hand and we started to leave.  Maria suddenly asked why we cant say “bye” with a beso. We said it was because we are missionaries right now, but after we can. Members in the church say hi and bye with besos. She then said, “Well, no one will know”. We said “But God will”. Then we left.Hehehe, that was what happened.
Thursday we stopped by a members house in the early morning and left before lunch. Yeah . . . very interesting. We worked the tarde and talked to some people, good people. We talked to Ayelen (17 year old girl) She said she would come to church.
Friday was my 100th day out of my house. So crazy that 100 days has passed already. We talked some really good sons and daughters of God and had lunch in the pension. I then had divisions with Elder Roberts. He is the best!
Saturday, we woke up and Elder Sauballet told me he had been puking all night. We stayed in that day.
Sunday, we stopped by Ayelen and took her to church. She liked it and said she would come back!
Monday, we woke up, finished packing Elder Sauballets stuff and left for the terminal. I said bye and waited. Elder Castro got the our area with me, we unpacked and we worked the evening. Super fun!
That was my week. Yeah. Wednesday was weird, I know.
Love you all!
Elder Whitchurch

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