Mission Letters

Week 14

Hello again!This week was pretty interesting! 
Monday was P-day with amazing Elder Roberts. We just chilled in the church building. Pretty cool though. We ate some good food and watched Incredibles 2. So Fun! I love Elder Roberts. He is awesome! Elder Maru and Elder Contreras (Elder Roberts compaion) went to Paso de los libres to do a training for the Elders down there.
Tuesday morning I had to go to the Migrations of Corrientes to extend my stay here in Argentina. Yes, 90 days was today (tuesday the 12th) So crazy how time flies. Elder Tapia and Elder Rodriguez also came with me. We finished up our tramites and headed to Shopping to eat lunch. After lunch we took a Remis back to our pension and we worked the tarde. Elder Roberts and I found a girl that doesnt believe in God. (Ayelen) We are doing our best to help her out.
Wednesday morning Elder Roberts and I worked in his area, Laguna Seca. We ate a good lunch and got our companions back. Elder Maru got a call Tuesday, telling him to start packing. He packed some, then we left to say bye to some members. We took photos and returned to the pension. He packed and we slept. 
Thursday, Elder Maru and I went to the Office, dropped him off and I picked up my new companion, Elder Sauballet. He is from Mexico. He is pretty cool! We had a whole bunch of traffic on our way back though. We unpacked and worked the tarde. We found the sister of the girl that doesn’t believe in God. (Eliana) She also doesn’t believe in God. We are working!
Friday, we worked the Morning trying to find investigators, but no one was home. We did our best and found some good people. Lunch, we brought home, from some amazing members. We worked the tarde and talked to some awesome people.
Saturday was an interesting day. We stopped by Fransisco´s house and found his son, Diego. He was drunk. We talked to him for an hour, and in that hour . . . I started feeling really bad. This was my first time being exposed to the aroma of wine, and it was STRONG. After talking to him, I felt really bad. My head was messed up, and I wanted to throw up. I struggled back to the pension and slept 5 hours. Fun stuff. We didn’t work much because of that amazing aroma of the wine. This is why we have the word of wisdom.
Sunday, we did our best to find investigators, no one home. We did find Ayelen and we talked with her for a while. We tried to commit her to ask God a question, but she didn’t want to. I felt really bad that she didn’t really want to ask her Father in Heaven a question. We are going to keep on inviting her though! We had an amazing lunch and an amazing time at church. After church, we studied some and got ready for today!
I really enjoyed this last week, and I truly know that this gospel is the complete truth. Every day that I go out and have faith and talk to people, I see small miracles. Even if the miracle is that I don’t fall into a gutter. 
I love this truth. I love Christ. He lives. He loves us. He loves us so much. He wants us to be happy, but we need to make the choice to be so. 
I love you all. Keep on pushing for the eternal goal. 
– Elder Whitchurch

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3 & 4) Favorite treat in Argentina

5 & 6) Taking a Remis (taxi) 

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