Mission Letters

Week 13

*** Sorry that this letter is so short. Elder Whitchurch is still getting the hang of visiting with family via Google-hangout and finding enough time to email too. We are all loving this new privilege, but the consequence is shorter emails, with limited details. We will work with him on learning the balance of doing both, but life as a missionary forces him to be super flexible with his P-days. He has called us at a different time each week, and from 2 different locations. Thankfully today Paul hadn’t left for work when he called, so the entire family could be part of the call today! ☺️ For now, Elder Whitchurch has to go with the flow, but he is being super patient! Thank you for supporting him during this transition. He could really use your prayers. He is struggling to figure out some important life skills, including how to stay safe (read below), as well as learn some spiritual self-reliance. We sure do love him! And we feel blessed by his selfless act of love and service. We are still missing him, some days are harder than others, but we all agree that serving a mission is the BEST decision he could have made for himself! All our love and gratitude, Wendi and family ***

Well, another week has come and gone. I seriously do not understand how these days can go by so quickly. 

This week was pretty interesting though. Monday we woke up, showered, continued our fast from the day before and went to the Puerto in Centro. We bought a soccer ball and went to a park. We played some Arco a Arco. Basically we have a Goaly and players in the field. Each player trys to make a goal and the goaly trys to stop it. Pretty simple. After getting sweaty and tired, we went to El Parrillon, an all you can eat asada place. After eating, we wrote our familys and had interviews with President Patania. 

Tuesady, Elder Maru and I worked a normal day. A bunch of contacting and visiting investiagtors.

Wednesday I worked with Elder Contreras in Laguna Seca area.

Thursday was another normal working day.

Friday, same thing. ( I am out of time, again.)

Saturday we had a baptism.  

Sunday, we were almost robbed by three guys. They were following us pretty close but all was well once we got to a main road. Hehe, heart pumping moment.

Yeah, sorry for this small story of my week.

Love you all!
Elder Whitchurch

1 & 2) Talking this morning as a family. The screen was frozen for him, but it worked just fine for us! 

3) Our handsome Elder

4) Elder Whitchurch’s Alfajor collection. 

5) Saturday’s baptism – Elder Maru, Francisco, and Elder Whitchurch.

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