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Week 11 – Eat a Brownie for me!!


Sooooo, this week went by pretty fast! So crazy how that happens. Monday was spent in the capilla. Yes, our P-day was in a building. We did order some hamburgers and watched a few movies. I also got to call my family. It truly was a blessing to call my family. I love them and I love that our Savior wants his missionaries to call their families. The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is centered on the family. 

Tuesday Elder Maru and I bought some cream for my feet. Some kind of fungus is growing there. Yes, I know EWWWW. I hate it too, I am the one living with it. Luckily the cream is working. (No, no pictures) We worked hard that day and walked a bunch.

Wednesday we worked a bunch to. We visited Francisco, an old 60ish year old that is awesome! Last week, he came to church, which is awesome! We talked to him and he said that he wanted to change. He drinks wine so we left him with an invitation to deminish the amount he drinks and read the Book of Mormon instead. He accepted the invitation and we left. We worked hard the rest of the day and crashed to sleep.

Hey! Eat a brownie for me!  

Thursday we went to San Isidrio. We walked 30 minutes (with sunscreen) to the Veron family. We had a good lunch and a nice charla. Afterwards we took some pictures and walked all the way back (with sunscreen). While we were waiting for the bus, a green or blue van drove by honking its horn. A bunch of arms inside the car were waving at us. That made me feel so much better. To be that Elder on the street that members say hi to. So if you ever see an Elder or Sister on the street, please say hi. It makes us feel so much better and uplifted. 

Friday morning was really tough. On of my friends from Costa Rica once told me that I will cry on my mission. I really didnt believe her, because I never cried before. Well, the mission really changes us. I am not going to go into details, but what I can tell you is that I was completely fine before lunch at 12:00. Elder Maru and I talked some and I studied a bunch. We worked hard that evening though. Which also helped. Oh. Also a very interesting and scary thing happened. We visited the branch presidents home and were talking to his wife. Two small dogs were behind us as we were talking to her. She opened her gate and her two dogs quickly got out. Next thing we knew her big scary looking dog (Roco) bites one of the small dogs by the neck and throws it. It startes making some ugly sounds as it scampers away. The other small dog startes to fight Rocos companion and Rocos companion gets injuried in the ear and foot. The Branch Presidents wife broke the fight up though. I almost fainted though. It was pretty bad. 

Saturday was a pretty chill day. We went to visit Francisco again and we found him reading the Book of Mormon! We talked to him and invited him to be baptized on the 9th of March. He looks like he will! 

He also came to church on Sunday. We went to look for him and were a little bit late. When we got there, he was walking to the bus stop. He told us that he was going to leave without us if the bus had gotten there before us. He really is the best! 

I guess that was our week! I havent really added to my alfajor collection and I need to take a picture of my collection and of an alfajor. Hmm, I will try to take more pictures this week. 

Con amor,

Elder Whitchurch

Elder Maru
Pretty Road
Pretty Road 2
Elder Maru and Elder Whitchurch
Beautiful Sky

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