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Week 10 – First P-Day call from Maipu

Well, I cant believe it is already week 9. It went by super quick. 

On Monday, I said goodbye to some of the Elders in my Zone, including Elder Smith. So, my first companion in the field is now moving on to a other area. I said hello to my new companion, Elder Maru that same day! I got to know him pretty well! I am so happy I have him as my second trainer. Normally, training is two transfers in a row, but President wanted to have Elder Maru train my last half of my training. So cool! We visited the Branch President so he could get to know him.

Tuesday we worked hard in our area and worked hard on getting to know each other. Elder Maru is from Buenos Aires, north part. He is really cool! He loves so many sports and love to run marathons. He is crazy! 

Umm, the rest of the week was a whole bunch of work as well. One time, we contacted a house and three little girls came out. The Mom came out too. We talked and shared our message. At the very end of the contact, one of the little girls gave me a flower! So cute huh?

On the flip side. We were walking down a dirt road, looking for a family in a not so safe area. In the morning though. As we were walking, I noticed some guys on the left. They looked kind of creepy, but I put it out of my mind. We walked a couple of paces and the next thing I know . . . my left leg gets hit by a fruit or something . . . followed by some words not worth repeating. We just kept on walking.

We also had another interesting experience. We were walking down another dirt road, in a safer area and a guy came walking toward us. Out of the blue, the guy lifted his hands up and walked past us. When he did, he said “Gracias!” We just laughed.

Oh, and by the way. Horses in the street in pretty common here.

This week was an amazing week and I hope you guys had one too. Sorry for the short message, but I love you all!


Con amor,

Elder Whitchurch

** We had a special treat today! For those of you who don’t know, the way missionaries are allowed to contact their family has changed. You can learn more about it here https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/missionaries-family-communication

So, Elder Whitchurch called us today and we are able to sit and talk with him. It was really wonderful! We also got to meet his new companion, Elder Maru. He seems really nice! We are VERY happy for Elder Whitchurch! And we are very happy to have these new privileges. 🤗☺️ **

The Call

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