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Week 9 – Didn’t Write in My Journal ALL WEEK!!


I am so sorry, but this week was so full that I never wrote in my journal. I feel so so so bad! Forgive me. But, what I can say is that my Zone Leader left to go home this past week. Elder Masello was and is the best! Love that guy. We also did a whole bunch of contacting. 39 news and 17 baptism dates. So much work. I learned a lot from Elder Smith and now that he is gone, I kind of miss and dont miss him. He helped me see how to train and how not to train. Yesterday (Monday the 11th of February) he left to Formosa. Elder Maru is my new companion. He is from Buenos Aires. He is so cool!  Today is Pday so yeah. (Because yesterday was transfers) 

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Especially my Mom, Dad and family! I love them so much!

I will make sure I write in my journal this week!

Con amor,

Elder Whitchurch


Questions answered:

Joy Boy (his little brother) – Have you baptized anyone yet? How is Argentina and its weather? Are you happy there? 

– I have not baptized anyone yet. But soon, we are praying. Argentina has been having a lot of storms recently. Strong rain and wind! I am pretty happy in Maipu (my-poo (yes haha))

Mom – How are you doing? Are you eating fruits and vegetables?  How are YOU feeling about being a missionary? What do you love? What do you not love? What do you look forward to each day? What do you not look forward to doing each day? 

– Well, I am actually not doing very well with eating fruits and vegetables. I need to do better at that. I will make a goal to eat more.

– I am feeling okay. Yesterday we had transfers and I was in the terminal (bus terminal) from 8 to 1. Long day. Elder Smith is now in Formosa and my new trainer is Elder Maru. He is from Argentina. I am feeling alone again though. I know I am not alone, but I dont know him or any of the new guys in the zone. 

– I love putting on my name tag and I love alfajors (a Latin shortbread cookie sandwich with dulce de leche filling inside) . I love church and I love studying.

–  I dont really like walking so much, and starting a contact. I dont really like being the only one of us to know the area, and now I have to guide it, but its okay.

– I look forward for member lunches, and bed time or any time in the pension.

–  I dont really like waking up and . . . walking. But I am doing better!

Con amor,

Elder Whitchurch

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