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Week 8 – !!!!!

Yellow everybody! (Hello everybody)

How is everyone? I hope you are all doing well! This last week was a crazy one! 

Week 7 was crazy and it feels like the 28th of January was a month ago. That day we all woke up on a bus in Tucuman! We arrived at 5-6 ish and took a remis to Hotel Presidente. When we arrived, we walked in, got our room numbers and keys. We then were told who were were sleeping with and to come back down stairs for a quick small breakfast. Elder Selby and Elder Hurley were my fellow room mates. We dropped our stuff off in our room and ate some media lunas and dulce de leche on top! So good! We then left the hotel and took a long walk to a place to take pictures for our DNI’s (an ID card basically). This is why we took the 12 hour bus ride to Tucuman. To get our DNI’s. After taking pictures we hung out at the plaza. I got my own personal street guard dog. He literally sat down right in front of me and barked at everyone that passed. We then got some milanesa pizza. Milanesa is basically thin meat with breading around it (then its fried). So good! After getting stuffed we went back to the Hotel and burned some time by watching Gods Not Dead. I loved and hated it, but loved it more than I hated it. We then changed into P-day clothing and headed out again. We went and bought some requerdos near by. I got an alpaca sweater, a pair of alpargatas, an eight hole ocarina, a Tucuman braclet and some fresh air. We walked around and then went to a ciber to email and buy water. After 2 hours there, we walked to McDonalds and got some food. After that we walked back to the hotel and slept.

January 29th we woke up at 7 and got ready for 7:45 breakfast. We ate and then chilled in the hotel. We watched Gods Not Dead 2. Also pretty good. We were then told to meet together in the lobby. We were then informed that something went wrong with our papers in Buenos Aires and that we needed to pack up and get ready to leave. We werent able to do our DNI stuff. So, we went back up stairs, packed and left for lunch at an asada place. Good meat. While we were waiting for food, I was asked to play piano. I played River Flows in You and the owner came out and recorded me with her phone. She told us that she was going to put it on her Facebook. Sadly, I dont know the name of the resturant. Ill try to find out. We left after that good lunch and got ready to leave. We took a 12 bus at 3ish. We watched Adrift and The Crew. We awkwardly slept afterwards on the bus and . . .

arrived in Resistencia at 3ish in the morning on January 30th. Elder Rodriguez and I were sent to the assistants nice apartment to sleep really quick. We then were sent back to Corrientes. We did splits with the missionaries in Laguna Seca and Mendoza al Sur. At night, we met up with our trainers again. (They were working in Mercedes, another area down south [6 hour bus ride]) 

January 31st was a normal work day. One interesting thing did happen though. We were walking down the street in the tarde (evening) and a guy on the other side yelled at us to come over. So we walked over and he told us to talk to his daughter. She came out of there very nice front gate/wall and started to speak english. The father went into his property and we had a pretty nice conversation with Ana. She was pretty cool. Nice english though. So very cool!

February 1st was really a very uneventful day.

February 2nd was also a very uneventful day. Nothing really to say about those two days. So sorry.

February 3rd, we worked in the morning and ate a good lunch with the Gonzalez family! I love them so much! We then went home, studied and went to church. We were invited after church to a members house. We had to do some things at the church and had to rush home to pack and leave. We got to the members house late and we had a good time though. We left and slept over at the zone leaders pension.

This last week as gone by so quickly. I cant believe that last Monday I was in Tucuman. It feels like it has been a month since then. Time flies when you are working and having fun.

My fellow spirit bothers and sisters, I know Christ lives. He loves us and wants us to come back to him and our Father who is in Heaven. Only through him and his gospel can we do this. We must have faith in him, repent of our sins, renew our baptisimal covenants, and endure to the end. Especially endure to the end. It is hard, but we can do it. I love you all!

Con amor,

Elder Whitchurch

Questions from Ginger Snap to Elder Whitchurch

How are you? I hope that you are healthy and are preaching the gospel to all those who need to hear it. I have been praying for you and will continue to!
I have a couple of questions for you this week:

1. What is your favorite thing you do in a day?
2. Have you had a baptism yet?
3. Do you ever forget anything when you leave your apartment for the day?
4. Do you have an alfajor recipe yet?
5. Does Elder Smith speak to you in Spanish or English or both?

Thank you for being a super good example for me!
Love you,
Ginger Snap

Hello Ginger Snap!

I am doing grand! Thank you for your prayers.

1. My favorite thing I do in a normal day is probably putting my name tag on. There really isnt any way to explain what I feel when I put it on. It is extraordinary. I truely am a representative of Christ.

2. We have not had a baptism yet.

3. Some times I forget to put sunscreen on, or a sweat rag, or my water bottle. That really is it. Nothing to drastic.

4. No, I sadly to not have an alfajor recipe yet. I will have to search for one.

5. Mostly English, even though we need to be speaking Spanish. I try to speak only Spanish, but normally we speak English in the pension and Spanish in the streets.

Thank you for asking these questions. They are really helping me. Please keep on asking!

Love you!

Elder Whitchurch

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