Mission Letters

Week 7 – Surprise, we got an email after all!

Hey, so I have decided to just sadly skip the other weeks and make my life so much easier. Ill just be talking about my last week.

Monday the 21st was P day! We started, but never finished Dispicable Me 3 in the morning because we had to leave quickly. We took a pic. at the bridge in Coorientes.

Tuesday 22 was Multizona. The best! Too much to say, so I wont say much. I loved everything and the 3 patty hamburgesa and alfajor. 

Wednesday the 23rd was a normal work day. We got our hair cut, but I didnt get my cut short enough. Oh well. We found a really cool new named Rosa. Shes been through a lot and we think she will progress.

Thursday the 24th we literally walked all morning and did little work. It was so sad. All of the people we were going to pass for were not home! But, right before going home we found an awesome family! I love them. I really think we can get them in the water and change their lives! 

Friday the 25th I tried to make some syrup. 1 part water, 2 part sugar and some vanilla extract. I sadly did to much water. We did splits with the Zone Leaders that day and Elder Contreras and I contacted in his area. We found some good contacts, but found one guy that was . . . extraordinary. We had a 1 hour and 15 min. conversation with him. He knew his bible, but so did Elder Contreras. It was amazing. I hope he progresses. We had lunch with a member family in his ward, with my companion and his. So cool!

Satuday the 26th was litterally uneventful. Only we had lunch with an old lady that is AWESOME!!!!  I love her. We picked up some Elders from the Terminal at night and we went to the pension to sleep. 

Sunday the 27th Elder Coleman, Elder Rodriguez and I went to the other ward in our building at 10 in the morning. Took the sacrament and listened to the talks. We left after and walked to lunch. We met up with Elder Smith and Elder Spencer. We had lunch, went home, chilled and then we original three (Elder Coleman, Elder Rodriguez and I ) went to Resistencia. We then took a large two story bus to Tucuman. It was a 12 hour drive and we left at 7ish. We ¨slept¨ in the bus. We woke up and I cant believe yesterday I was in Resistencia.

And now we are in Tucuman! It so cool! Love you all!

Read the scriptures please. They help more than you expect.

Con amor

Elder Whitchurch

P.S. On January 18th, it rained a ton in the morning and we went to an area in our area called La Olla. (the pot) Just look at the picture


1) My MTC President, Presidente Pitarch

2) Handsome and working hard!

3) Let me see you smile!

4) Got to love chocolate oranges!

5-6) January 18th. The day it rained a lot in La Olla (the pot).

7-9) January 21st on the Corrientes bridge.

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