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We have a feeling Elder Whitchurch might not be able to write us this week, due to an email he sent to our youngest son. So in case this is true, we thought that it would be fun to share some bonus information that we have received through our personal emails from Elder Whitchurch. We thought this information was fun because it helped us to get a better snap shot of what life might really be like for him on his mission. And if we do get a letter this week, bonus!  Enjoy!!! 

Dear Elder Whitchurch,

Guess what! Sunday the 13th I went to my first Aaronic priesthood class! I miss you a lot and I hope you are having a good time in Argentina. Also I love have ping the ability to go into the bathroom and do my hair without waiting for you * wink, wink *. Also I can’t wait till “Curly Cook” (Littlest sister) is ten next week. Mostly because there is no school. I hope you will baptize and convert people to the church, or in other word activar, boutizar, y cuedar. Love ya! Sincerely,

Your brother, “Joy Boy” 😄

Hey! I am so sorry for not responding to the other email. My computer froze and I lost like 30 minutes of writing time. So cool that you went to your first class! That sounds like so much fun! I hope you enjoy the rest of them! Haha, your hair. Actually, Elder Smith gels his hair too. It takes him a while to finish up. Have fun during your vacation. I am going to Tucoman next sunday-tuesday to do some tramites and DNI ID cards, so I get a small vacation too (ish). Have fun, love ya and eat a marshmallow for me!

Elder Whitchurch

Questions from “GingerSnap” to Elder Whitchurch: 

What is it like there in Resistencia?  
Did you fly or ride the bus?
Have you taught anyone yet?
Do you ever speak English?
Are you excited to preach the gospel all day everyday?

1-Steaming hot and clear one day and dumping rain the other. This never happens soooooo yeah

2- I had a one hour flight to Resistencia, then a 45 min Remis (taxi) ride to Corrientes. We take a lot of buses during the week. They have something called sube. Its 

a card you use to just put up to a machine. You put money on it and pay 11 pesos every ride.

3- Not enought people, but still a TON!

4- Every day! Elder Smith and basically my District are all Gringos. The Zone is a different story.

5- I love preaching the gospel. I actually spoke in church last sunday, and I wasn´t nervous at all. The Spirit was strong and helped me calm down. It was fun

sorry, not much time. We have interviews with the president at 6 and the Ciber guy got here 30 minutes late. I hope my computer doesnt freeze. Love you!  – Elder Whitchurch

Questions from Mom: 

– Please wear sunscreen, buy a hat and wear it in the sun.  

– Did you buy mud boots yet? 

– Are you doing your stretches? 

– And do you have your meals prepared for you where you live or do you cook for yourself? 

– Who washes your clothes? 

– Are you feeling ok?  

I am definitly making sure i wear sunscreen. I got burned once and that was it. I wore sunscreen after that burn. We walked a 30 min. walk in clear skies and burning sun. It was bad. I will buy a hat and we have boots in the pension, so I do not need to buy some, yet. I am doing my stretches. We get lunches almost everyday with the members. Breakfast and dinner here is just mate, which we cant drink. I have some pancakes normally, or french toast or something else. A sister washes our clothings. I am feeling okay for now. When I work, I am fine, when I am just sitting, I am not. I am okay though. I just need to keep on praying!

Love you so much!

-Elder Whitchurch

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