Mission Letters

Weeks 5.5 -6

Okay, let me continue and catch up!

On the 8th I had Divisiones with the Armenia missionaries. I went to
Armenia and did splits with Elder Young! He is THE BEST!!! He is now
TIO YOUNG!!! Seriously, he is the best. He was also homeschooled and I
feel like I found a long lost friend!
We had so much fun! We got to the Armenia pension in a Remis. That
pension has a bidet. I didnt use it. We left and visited 3 familes. We
also ate during our entire day; milanesa, Gridos Ice cream bar, oreo
trilogy alfajor, Toddys chocolate chip cookies, hot dogs, empanatas
and 6 facturas from La Reina. Elder Smith and Elder Burke (Elder
Youngs Companion) were not so happy. We also had a FHE with a member
and 3 investigators. The Mother and Son both had investigators. The
Son was kind of crazy. He broke a glass cup sooo yeah. After the FHE
it rained.


We were soaked by the time we got back to the Armenia pension. We
tried to dry our stuff . . . but . . . hehe. It was a hard night. To
make it worse, we had no luz no electricity. So we had no heaters or
anything to help dry our stuff. Luckily I had brought some pjs, so I
could get warm. We also had some Mate Cocido. It is like mate, but in
a tea bag. It is approved for the mission, but not for my body. I got
a little . . .high, if you will. I really dont know but yeah. We slept
warm and well though!

The 9th I came back to Maipu and Elder Smith and I contacted in Maipu.
We also visited some members. Then at 7:00pm we picked up the Mercedes
Elders and went back to our pension. They slept the night! Elder
Spencer and Elder Rodriguez are the best. Elder Rodriguez is actually
from my group from the Buenos Aires CCM, if you remember. They slept

The 10th Elder Rodriguez and I left at 7:45 to Resistencia. That is
why they took a 6 hour bus to Maipu on the 9th. On our way there, we
picked up some sisters. We took the remis all the way to the mission
office. We dropped off our stuff and left to get our offical copies of
our passports. Like, Argentina copies of our passports. I got to get
to know some of the other missionaries in my group. Elder Tapia and
Elder Rogriguez came with me from BA, but there were 11 other
missionaries from Mexico city that came a day later than us. I got to
know some of them. We left and it started to rain when we were walking
back. We arrived at the office safe and sound. We had facturas and
cocomilk and Elder Rogriguez and I had to leave early. So SAD! We went
back to the Maipu pension and couldnt work because President said not
to. The rain was so powerful! We sayed in the pension and made
empanatas! The mercedes elders left that night to sleep in another

The 11th was a normal working day.

The 12th was the same.

The 13th was my one month mark of being out of Costa Rica!!! So
crazy!!! We talked with a menos activo that morning. We also tried to
find Cristian, an investigator. When he came out he was smoking. We
have been tring to help him stop. We taught him and left. We checked
on a member and we were there before lunch. After talking to her
forever, we sprinted over to lunch and got there 21 minutes late. It
was a good lunch though! After getting stuffed we went home and
studied. We went to church at 5 and left at 7:15ish. We came home,
cleaned and ate french toast.

I am out of time so I will have to explain the 14th and on next week. So sorry!

Love you all!

Elder Whitchurch

We don’t know what this is . . . Yummy??
Making empanadas
Elder Whitchurch’s empanada
Frying the empanadas

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