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Week 5 – Summary of the Month!

Okay, well . . . so far I havent really had much time to email. I am just going to sadly speed through my first 4 weeks. 
Week 0.5 is basically my half week. It was Thursday the 13th through Saturday the 15th. I travelled on the 12th in the eveningish. Like 5 at night. I flew an hour to panama and 6ish hours to Buenos Aires. We got off the plane and met a guy with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on a paper. He took us to a van and a different guy drove us to the CCM. We passed the Buenos Aires Temple to get to the CCM right behind it. We hopped out and were given instructions. We unpacked and yeah. We had two more days of orientation and other devotionals.
Week 1 was a full week. We had so many normal days. P Day was thursday. We had SO many classes, which I LOVED! It was so much fun. The stuff that I didnt really like were the practices and the CRE sessions. CRE is like a real investigator visit, just with our teachers. We had other things, but sadly I dont quite remember. So sorry! 
Week 2 we had Christmas. It was pretty cool for the President┬┤s first Christmas in the CCM. We watched the new Netflix Christmas Chronocles or something like that. It was pretty cool. One of the Sisters said that I was like Santa when he was singing in jail. yeah. . . wierd. We also got to call family, which was amazing! I really am grateful for that. 
Week 3 was new years. That was cool too. It was like P day, but no writing family. We also got to go to the temple this week. We went twice, one time week 3 and one time I think week 2. I dont remember. So sorry! This week was also the week I left BA and the CCM. Wednesday the second of january I left and came to Resistencia. I met my trainer, Elder Smith and we headed to Maipu Corrientes that same day! We hopped into a taxi, that was infested with ants by the way, and took a 45min. drive. We got dropped off by our pension, grabbed my ant covered baggage and payed. We then went to a door in a wall, opened the gate and slammed on the door to open it. I then walked up the step stairway and said hi to my home for six or more months. I believe I sent some photos of our pension. I unpacked for two hours and then we headed out to work!
On the third we woke up, excersized, ate, showered, studied, and left. We took a 45 min bus to San Isidrio. Basically a Campo place. All field. We visited the Veron family, that lived a 30 min walk away from the main road. It was a fairly long walk. They live in very humble circumstances. Ill just say that. They gave us so much food though!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die! We also taught a couple cool messages (well, Elder Smith did). When we left, two of their sons brought motos out and said get on. Elder Smith said we should. We were suppose to catch a bus in 20ish minutes. The walk was 30ish min, soooooo Elder Smith said yes. Oh well. We hopped on and took a 5-10 minute drive. It was so fun. We contacted and talked to Raul, an investigator for like 5 years. So yeah. That night we made egg hamburgers. Good stuff. We slept as well.
The fourth. Same morning stuff. But it was raining so we got our mud boots. Yes, Maipu Corrientes is MUDDY!!! We walked, took a bus, and walked to a man name Geramino. We taught him lesson 3, El Evangelio de Cristo. It was cool. Very nice. We left on a good note and tried to find someone else.He wasnt home. We contacted and went home. Ate food (I dont know) and slept
The 5th was just like the 4th.
The 6th was my first Sunday. Not much to say. Church is at 5-7. I am running out of time. I am so sorry! We fasted Sunday lunch to Monday lunch because we forgot. We had lunch at the Gonzalez house. They are an awesome family! Good food! 
The 7th was P DAY! I love P day. We left at like 9 ish that day and met my District Leaders! Elder Young and Elder Burke. They are awesome! I love them! We ate at the shopping mall here. We had pasta at Riccollini. It is basically choose a pasta, eight toppings, two sauses and as much bread as you want. So good! We did bumper cars after that. That was fun! We did it twice. We then traveled to the Costa Nera Capilla. We dropped off our stuff and went to a Ciber. Its a place full of computers where we email for 2 hours. 1.5 for family and .5 for Presidente Patania. After that we had some Gridos! So good! I think it is better Ice Cream than Pops. We should move here for Ice Cream. (haha)
so yeah, I am out of time. I am so sorry. I will tell about the 8th and the 9th and etc. next week. Hopefully I will be able to catch up. Love you all!
Con amor,Elder Whitchurch
P.S. Alfajores are the best!!!

(Sorry the pictures did not work again – Ginger Snap)

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