Mission Letters

Week 5 – Good Morning!!!

Sooooo, I sadly do not have my journal soooooo so sorry! I will do my best. The MTC was amazing and not so fun at the same time. It just felt like an efy or soy, just the classes and devos were more spiritual. It wasn’t really fun but its okay. We woke up at 3 am and got ready on the 2nd of January. I said bye to Elder De Hoyos, that was kind of hard. I also said bye to Elder Meredith, (a Tingo = a gringo who lived in Costa Rica like we do, who moved to CR in 2012 and left in 2014). He was an amazing help and helped me not feel alone surounded by latins. We left the MTC at 4 am. Elder Tapia Rodriguez and I took a plane to Resistencia at 6:40 ish. We arrived, got our baggages and took pictures. I don´t know if you have them but yeah.  We went to the mission office and got lunch. We had interviews and met our trainers. Elder Smith is my trainer.

He is from Cali and is pretty cool. We left to our pension and oh boy were my expectations way to high! You will see in the pics. (See below). Anyway. I unpacked for two hours and headed out. It was hot and humid. We contacted and took buses. Elder Smith got me a SUBE card for the bus, so I do not have to pay with cash. It was very nice of him. OH! I forgot. On our way from the MIssion office, the taxi we were in was INFESTED WITH ANTS!!!!!!! So crazy!!!!! We worked hard that day, came home and I think we ate something and went to bed. I can´t really remember much. I really am sorry. Just some important things about this week is . . . I met two families that kind of remind me of our own. The Whitchurch family was basically the missionary family, right? So I wanted to find myself a Whitchurch family for me. Well, I sort of did. Split in two. Another thing is . . . I lost the umbrella Mom bought me. I was almost crying when that happened. I was and still am sad. I just need to let it go.Ummmmmm I am out of time. I am so sorry! I have pictures though.  (Wendi – Nope, the pictures didn’t come through. Now I’m sad.) 

Love you all!

Elder Whitchurch

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