Mission Letters

Week 2&3 – Video Chat on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2018 at 6:40 am to 7:25 am (Fastest 45 minutes ever!)

We didn’t get a letter this week because we got to video chat on Tuesday. Here are a few of the highlights from our chat with Elder Whitchurch:

• He is excited to leave the MTC on January 2nd. 

• His companion’s grandfather, Elder De Hoyos was coming to visit the MTC that day to speak to the missionaries. He is the Area President of the South America South area. 

• He LOVES having his mission tags (one is magnetic and one is like his dads, it slides on!). 

• He is surprised that they eat cereal every day for breakfast (we usually eat anything but cereal in our house). And the food is “okay”.  They eat lots of meat and pasta. Got to love Argentina! 

• There are only 2 “gringo” districts and he is not in one of them. There are pluses and minuses to this. He will leave before the non-Latin districts but he is the only non-Latin,  which has its ups and downs. Especially being the district leader. There are 8 districts, each named after a Book of Mormon prophet.  The MTC has more Elders than Sisters. And we met his companion, Elder De Hoyos. 

• He shared his airport story with us. . . He said that after he left us at airport security, he went to his departure gate and noticed a girl he had met previously at SOY (Costa Rica’s countrywide Youth Conference they hold each January) sitting all alone at the gate. He started talking to her and found out that she too was going to the MTC in Argentina. They kept each other company until they met up with 4 other elders in the Panama airport. While they were sitting at their gate in Panama, a friend of ours stopped by and said hello to him. He said it was a strange experience to have his two worlds collide like that. He loved seeing our friend Micah Scott! This friend also served in Argentina, over 20 years ago. What a small world it truly is and another testament that there are no coincidences. After the long flight, that Elder Whitchurch struggled to stay asleep on, they arrived in Argentina and boarded a bus to go to the MTC. The day was rather gloomy and rainy, so when they drove by the temple the weather made it stand out brightly! He loved that! He said the language was a bit strange to understand at first, but he seems to be fine with it now. 

That’s it for now. Elder Whitchurch will be sent to Resistencia, Argentina on Wednesday, January 2nd. We hope to get an email that he arrived there, safe and sound. We don’t know when his P-day will be in the mission field, but we will keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading, for your support and most of all your prayers. We, as well as Elder Whitchurch, truly appreciate them!!!

All our love and a very Happy and Enjoyable New Year to each of you! 

The Whitchurch Family 💕

Skype was great for those 45 minutes!!

Elder Whitchurch’s TAG!!!

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