#8-Ocho: Mission Call

Guys, I’m opening my Mission Call TOMORROW!!!

I still can’t believe it’s Saturday. This week has gone by so fast!!!

Tomorrow is the 23rd already. I still can’t believe it.


Okay, so . . . you are probably asking, “(Insert My Real Name), how are you feeling?”


Well, I’m feeling a whole bunch of different emotions right now.


I’m scared, but confident. Nervous yet excited. Ready to leave, but wan’t to stay. Sad and happy. Crazy and still crazy. So many different emotions, some I can’t even put into words. They are feelings that I’ve either never had before, or some that I have and I know what they are. Haha.

So yeah, tomorrow at 7:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time) I will be opening it up. I will be doing a Facebook Live, so if you are my friend (Facebook wise) you are invited to watch.

AHHHHH, I still can’t believe tomorrow is SUNDAY!!!!!



Random Thought:

I sing myself to sleep sometimes. SHHHHH, don’t tell anyone. (Little brother, don’t say anything. [He sleeps above me in the same room] Just go to sleep.)




I hope you all can watch. We have been doing some Facebook Live tests, some of you already know. It was really weird going Live. You never really do that. Like, six people were watching, but it was still kind of creepy. I am so grateful I could do it yesterday, and not do my first time on Sunday. Oh boy, I would be nervous. I’m glad I’ve already got some Facebook Live videos under my belt, even if they were just tests.

Anyway, I don’t know what else to say. Tell me if you have any questions. No one has asked me one, so be the first.

Well guys, that’s about it. I hope you all drive safely and don’t choke on your food.

(Eat a marshmallow for me!!!)


Con Amor,

El Gringo

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