#7-Siete: The Beautiful Yet Scary Concept of Dancing

Guys and gals, teach me to dance




Like seriously, yesterday I went to a JAS activity (ummmmmm that would be a YSA activity, I think. Young Single Adult activity pretty much.) I wanted to ask so many girls to dance.


Yes people, I am a teenage boy. Well . . . yes and no. I’m a young single adult, but . . . I’m still a kid. I am somewhere in between young single adult and teenager. Alright? Alright


So, yeah. I wanted to ask so many girls to dance, but I didn’t.


I know, I know, I KNOW. I suck. But you wouldn’t understand how scary it is to go up to a cute girl and ask her to dance. Especially if you haven’t grown up with it. I mean, I never like NEVER went to a dance in Utah. I don’t remember ever going to one. Well, EFY counts, but not really. ANYWAY. The only people that could possible understand what I’m going through, are guys. The majority of my “followers” are girls, so about 35-45% of those who will be reading this, are guys. They would understand me, right guys?






Random thought:

It’s raining right now, and the smell of the wet dirt and rain is so heavenly!!!! Like seriously!!!! Oh, so beautiful






So yeah.


I danced with one girl last night.


She is an old friend of mine, sooooooooo it wasn’t really the same as asking a girl out to dance. Sorry Su


I could compare asking a girl to dance to trying to do a back flip. I mean, I kind of know how to dance. Just okay. I can sort of do the Bachata. Well, that is the one dance that I am comfortable doing. I can do some strange turns and twirling things. But Salsa and the weird kicking one, no way Jose. Anyway, I can sort of dance. Which is basically the first “step” to asking a girl to dance. Hehehe, I’m so punny. (not)

If you don’t know how to dance, you can’t ask a girl to dance. (Actually, you can. Just ask her to teach you. I’ve pulled that card a couple of times, and I’ve learned a little bit every time. I just forget.) It’s the same thing with a back flip. If you don’t know the basics of falling on your back, or doing a back hand spring, then you will not be able to do a back flip.

So scary people, both are so scary.


I need someone to teach me how to dance, and be comfortable with it. My sister has spotted me a couple of times, just to make sure I do the back flip correctly. So I need the same thing with dancing. I need a “spotter” that will guide me in the wonderful, yet freaky, world of dancing. Please call me at Bla-Bla-blaaa- bla- la- la- bla. Hehehe But seriously, I need help.




Love you guys, good day to all, and eat a marshmallow for me. (Or give it to me!)

Con Amor,

El Gringo


P.S. – Odette, thank you for being who you are. You’ve changed my life for the better. Te quiero mucho my friend, more than you could possibly know.

2 thoughts on “#7-Siete: The Beautiful Yet Scary Concept of Dancing

  1. Well… I’m a 17 years old girl, but I still kinda know what you mean xD. I was born here in Costa Rica, but I am what you can call half gringa; it is on my mother’s side of the family. On the other hand my dad is tico, but he doesn’t dance eather; so you can probably imagine how hard it was for me too. Accepting invitations to dance when you dont’t know how to, is very scary. I’m still getting used to it because the gringo side of me controls my dancing skills xD I just hope not to step on anybody’s feet when I turn 18 and start going to JAS activities xD. You are not alone! Haha And by the way, please ignore any mistakes; I need to improve my English writing skills.

    1. Hey, Nicole!
      Thank you so much for commenting! I haven’t really had many people comment, so thank you for being one of the few. I guess you would understand what it is like; being that awkward kind of person at a dance. I loved how you said that the gringo side of you controls your dancing skills. So funny!!! Yes, please don’t step on anyone’s feet at the JAS activities. That hurts. ;D
      Thank you so much, now I see that I truly am not alone. Your English is wonderful Nichole! Very good job.
      Once again, thank you for exposing yourself and saying something. It means a lot.

      -El Gringo

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