#2-Dos: Homeschool

Hey there.

Hows it going.

I hope to find you either sitting on a couch, chair, bean bag, horse, or the air. Wait, that would technically be standing. ANYway. . .

Lets see, what was I going to talk about? That’s right, HOMESCHOOL!

It’s the best thing ever












































Dang it, you scrolled down. Now I have to really explain.


Well, Homeschool is a very interesting way to learn. I’d like to say that I am the Teacher and the Student, at the same time. Here at Whittischool (Yes people, we have a name for our school) we get to decide what we do that day. We can study, or not. We can play, or not. We can eat a Banana, or not. We can even sit on our beds and do nothing all day long for seven too eight hours, or not. We get to decide what we would like to do that day. I just repeated myself, but you get the point.

Now most of you are like, “OMG(oodness), you have the coolest life on earth. If I could homeschool, I would just play on my phone and text my girlfriends* and watch TV and eat Hamburgers and drink Ginger Ale at the same time, ALL DAY LONG. Like, OMG(oodness)! You SERIOUSLY have the best life.”

NEWS FLASH! We do NOT do that. If we decide not to do our schoolwork, we practically cant do anything. No TV, no video games, no texting girlfriends, and definitely no eating Hamburgers and drinking Ginger Ale at the same time. I wouldn’t do that anyway, it just sounds gross! All we can really do is sit on the couch or do our school work. Sounds WAY boring, but its way better than it looks. Remember, don’t judge a book by its’t kind of paper. Always judge it by its cover!

I will now talk about what my Homeschool life looks like.

I normally wake up at 4:00 in the morning to go to seminary. Yes people 4:00 in the MORNING. I take a shower then read my scriptures and hope into the car at 4:38ish. We stop by another students house to pick her up, and drive to the church building. We start class at 5:10 because we do. We finish seminary at 5:40ish, then depending on the day, we walk home. I’m thinking of walking home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but I’m not sure yet. When we don’t walk home, we drop off the unnamed student and come home. We get home at 6:10ish. We eat breakfast, do family scripture study and prayer and by then it is 6:45ish. If we do walk home, I walk the unnamed student home and then walk to my house. We arrive at 6:30 – 6: 45. When that happens, everything shifts and hours or so. We do the whole morning thing (breakfast, scriptures, prayer) and continue on to school. We get to write down all the things we did that day in two books; one that is the Homeschool Planner or just The Planner, and the other is our Recording Book. In the Planner we have four columns and five rows to write down what we each did that week. Each of my siblings get a column, starting with Curly Cook (Youngest Sister) then Joyboy (Youngest Brother) then Gingersnap (Younger Sister) finishing with me El Gringo! We just write all that we did that day in its specified box, and we are done with the week.


(Yes, the EG is a bit slanted, but its ok right?)

Then we have our Recording Book. This is where I get to explain all the things that I have done that day.


On each day I write a list to complete.

  • Scripture Study
  • Gospel Study
  • Family Chore
  • Math
  • (Family School Class)
  • (Family School Class)
  • Family Devotional
  • My Book
  • ____ Lesson (COMPLETED)
  • Read

Those are the basic things I need to complete. I have added somethings, like Piano and PE.

I will now explain each subject on my list.

Scripture Study

Scripture Study is a time for me to study my scriptures.

Gospel Study

This is a time to study any Gospel topics I like, mainly Preach My Gospel, and the Missionary Handbook.

Family Chore

I remember a time when Saturdays weren’t the best of days. It was chore day back in Utah, but now it’s different. Everyday my Mom gets to assign us a Family Chore. My most constant chore (is that right? Help me please! Just comment) is to sweep the downstairs. I just write that down as SD, because I do it so often.


Right now I am using BYU Independent Study to study math. I do math for 45 min. to an hour.

Family School Class

Depending on the day of the week, I study a selected subject from Family School! I really love their lessons.

Family Devotional

This is a Devotional that is to inspire us and let us feel the spirit. It begins with a Hymn and prayer. Then we recite the Preamble, Family Proclamation, Living Christ, 10 Commandments, Articles of Faith or some other inspiring document. We then have Family Goal and Business, which is a time to express concerns for Homeschool, and to talk about what we are doing that week or any other business. We also talk about a family goal, which is basically a fun thing to do with the family. We then have a message from who ever is assigned. Mondays are Gingersnap, Tuesdays Mom, Wednesday Me, Thursday Joyboy, and Friday Curly Cook. (Man, it is weird to use those names, but Moms orders!) We also listen to a Conference Talk now. We then close with a prayer.

My Book

Yes, I’m writing a book.

____ Lesson

Nothing to say here, just that I was given the opportunity to teach my youngest sister to read. Nothing to important, right. WRONG!


I get to read a book. It need to be educational though. Yeah.

And that is basically it folks. After school I get to do a bunch of other things. I can watch TV, play video games, text girlfriends, and eat Hamburgers and drink Ginger Ale at the same time. I still don’t suggest it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing post, and have a good time getting of your couch, chair, bean bag, horse, or air.

Homeschool is the best by the way.



Con Amor,

El Gringo


*     (in case you’re a guy reading this; you’d probably be doing something else. Unless you do have a girlfriend or girlfriends. Eesh)

4 thoughts on “#2-Dos: Homeschool

  1. Whoa, that’s so cool! I can’t even imagine being homeschooled. How does getting your diploma work over there? (Do you get a diploma??) How does graduation work? Sorry for all the questions but I’m curious! It nice to see you’re doing so well, looking forward to your next blog! 🙂

    1. THANK YOU Aubrey!!! It’s nice to see that people really like this kind of stuff. It encourages me to continue to blog when people actually comment. As for the diploma. I don’t get a diploma. I just graduate from homeschool, which basically means that I can leave home with the knowledge required to get into a university or college. It is also really good to find a school that excepts homeschoolers. Most of the ones that do, require the ACT. I’ve already done the ACT twice, so check that off my list. So yeah, that’s how diplomas work. Once again, Thank you so much!
      Con Amor,
      El Gringo

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